Furniture Specialist

Furniture specialist in Europe

PK Invest is a wholesale company engaged in the purchase / sale of furniture. The company sells its goods through its own web shops and online portals. The range is wide and caters to a wide customer segment in both domestic and international. PK Invest has Web Shops in several European countries. Headquartered in Haderslev and with subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands, we are relatively locally rooted in relation to our end customers. With over 4,500 M 2 warehouses in Haderslev and external warehouses in Germany which fluctuates between 3 - 6,000 m 2 we are able to offer very fast delivery times.

With well over 4,500 m2 of warehouse in Haderslev and external warehouse in Germany which fluctuates between 3 - 6,000 m2 we are able to offer very fast delivery times.



The assortment is a combination of own import goods from eg. the Far East and Brazil and major purchases from some of Europe's leading manufacturers / wholesalers. Design, quality, functionality and price are some of the parameters we focus on.


Big warehouse up to 10.000M2

With many products in-house, PK Invest is one of the few furniture e-commerce players in Europe that can deliver day-to-day goods when it comes to inventory. Delivering significantly faster than most of our competitors is a key strength of our marketing strategy.

B2B Cooperation

Are you a manufacturer of quality furniture? Contact us about a possible cooperation. We would like to hear from you.